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Viviana e Alex

⚠️ Premise: the product is not intended to prevent the dog from pulling on a leash. If you have a dog with management problems on a leash, it is recommended to contact a professional instructor.

➡️ WAW Basic is an accessory to attached between the collar/harness and the leash and the aim is to cushion and protect the owner / dog from tearing trauma.

➡️ We tested the WAW basic on our customers’ dogs during the education but also the recovery (Amstaff, Maremmani, pitbull, boxer etc.) both at the dog center and in the urban area.
The shock absorber did its job perfectly by protecting the owners during sudden tugging by the dogs. In full traction the product does not prevent the owner from bringing the dog back to him (indeed many felt the dog even lighter).
We find the accessory interesting not only in walks on a leash, in fact we tried it: – on excursion: in the moments when the dogs were tied, protecting dog and owner during rough paths. – During the sport Scent Game (research): searches are carried out with a leash and dogs in full adrenaline tend to pull a lot.  The product has amortized a lot during training.

➡️It is a great accessory to add when teaching a puppy to accept collar and leash. In fact, it would protect him during the sudden jerks common in puppies. Also personally I find it a comfortable product to have in your kit for those like me who work in the dog industry.Thanks @waw__pet for letting us know about your product!