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WAW Sport-Line

WAW Sport-Line is a polyethylene webbing with high resistance seals, fluo color like the entire WAW Sport range.

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WAW Sport-Line doesn’t need any presentation!

Is a polyethylene webbing with hight resistance seals, fluo color like the entire WAW Sport range.

The accessory is offered in three lengths depending on which activity you want to practice:
  • 40 cm: hooking/extencion
  • 85 cm: line for canicross
  • 165 cm: line for bikejoring and dogscooter

WAW Sport and WAW Sport-Line are necessary for all those who practise sports activities  both amateur and professional with dogs.

In accordance with the CSEN regulation the accessory is necessary to complete and secure the sport activities.

Is a project built with the collaboration of our professional athletics like Giuseppe Bombardieri, Fabrizio Filoni e Andrea Missa.

The biggest benefits?


For dogs: avoid the appearance of micro and macro injuries to the spine and neck especially for athletic-dog that are subjected to frenetic and super dynamic movements

For human: with WAW Sport-Line the activities are safer and the team dog-human becomes one! Invincible!

If you have any questions write us and our athletes will be at your disposal!

WAW Sport-Line must be attached on your equipment depending on which sport do you practise.

Canicross equipment, bikejoring equipment, sleddog equipment and so on and so forth!

For each activities their own WAW Sport!



WAW Guarantees

WAW Guarantees


Andrea Biasi

Recensione WAW Sport (a cura di Yeti Team)

Igor Tracz

Recensione WAW Sport (a cura di Yeti Team)

Baruc Dìaz

Recensione di WAW Sport di Baruc Dìaz

Beatrice e Lola

This is @waw__pet, an anti-shock system to attached to the leash, to absorb the tears made by dogs during the walk.

WAW protects dog and even you!

We have been trying it for over a week now, and I must say that it is really very useful, it does not prevent the dog from pulling, but it makes it less “unpleasant”. I had the feeling that the leash, with the addition of WAW, was lighter!

Super recommended


Recensione WAW Sport (a cura di Yeti Team)

Heiko Gumpert

Today i Tested the WAW Sport.
I Must say, or works realy Smooth with 1 dog. The line i do on the WAW Sport, i make with 3mm dyneema. In this combination, the complete line is very light.
I will buy ist for scooter with 2 dogs and for Cart 4 dogs.